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Where did my food come from?

Besitang, North Sumatra, Indonesia

N 4° 6.2449'  E 98° 5.8204'




Meet Tano

Agricultural Drone Pilot | Nsuo Monitoring

Tano believes that viewing the earth from above is a great gift. He is responsible for monitoring water and drought patterns for farmers across Ghana to predict crop yields for communities. Many years ago, his family lost their land to a large company because they we not prepared for a shift that occurred in their upstream irrigation channels.  He hopes to help farmers better prepare for issue around water access.

 love for problem solving and new technology, and discovered data science as a way to combine these passions.


Nurhayati’s parents and grandparents were subsistence agricultural farmers, and prior to the development of Wenda Amp plantation, her village did not have electricity or an elementary school when she was growing up. She's happy to see her grandchildren thrive with new opportunities. Nurhayati hopes to one day visit Europe with her family.

Nurhayati's Community | Tanoto Education

Reaching Full Potential

To tackle the issues of education and stunting in Indonesia, Belinda Tanoto, Member of the Board of Trustees at Tanoto Foundation recently spoke with the Jakarta Post and shared about the Foundation’s passion behind its support in these areas.


Belinda said, “The brains of stunted children do not develop properly and the cognitive impairment is visible in brain scans. It is no surprise that stunted children suffer from learning disabilities and are more likely to drop out of school.”  The Foundation remains committed to its mission - every person should have the opportunity to realize his or her full potential.


At Apical, part of the RGE group of companies, we are proud of the contributions that RGE’s philanthropic arm at Tanoto Education has made towards education, leadership development and medical research in the communities which we operate. 

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Apical2030: Sustainability the Heart of Our Business

Apical2030: Sustainability the Heart of Our Business

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Apical is guided by Sukanto Tanoto’s 5C’s business philosophy

of doing what is good for the Community, Country, Climate, and Customer, and only then will they be good for the Company.

They also place emphasis on the three pillars of ESG

– environmental, social, and governance.



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